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In this energetic, 1 hour event you experience Amrit Methodâ„¢ Yoga Nidra that combines the talents of certified yoga teacher Bill Eager and the ethereal sounds of dulcimer music by musician Laurie Nelson ... and you are fully relaxed in one of Colorado's largest and most beautiful Himalayan salt caves. 

This beautiful combination of energy, awareness, music and detoxifying salt creates a profound shift that connects you energetically with your intentions.

Yoga Nidra creates a state of deep relaxation where your body heals naturally as your energy channels open.  During Yoga Nidra your brain moves into the Alpha state where you release large amounts of trapped energy held hostage in the form of physical, mental and emotional blockages.  Your entire body begins to rejuvenate.  Your energy flows freely, without, physical or psychological constriction and your body realizes a state of physiological harmony where you can realize specific intentions for health and relationships.  You will leave feeling refreshed and alive!

About the Presenters - Bill Eager is a Yoga Alliance certified yoga instructor, Yoga Nidra Facilitator and Reiki healer.  Laurie Nelson has spent more than a decade playing the hammered dulcimer. She performs live for small groups at festivals and yoga events. 5 Star Salt Caves is a contemporary health spa & wellness center built around a man-made salt cave made entirely from Himalayan rock salt. Salt Therapy has been popular in Europe for decades.


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Price: $ 50 / person

1 bill and laurie yoga nidra

About the Presenters

Bill Eager is a Yoga Alliance certified yoga instructor, Yoga Nidra Facilitator and a Reiki healer.  Bill has trained with the leading yoga masters of our time including Yogi Amrit Desai, BKS Iyengar, A.G. Mohan, Alan Finger and Seane Corn.  He has worked extensively with shamans and healers in the U.S., Guatemala and Peru.  His efforts have been featured in Yoga Journal, Shape, and Yogi Times.  Bill has been a presenter at Yoga Journal conferences and taught workshops in the U.S., South America and Europe .  Laurie Nelson has played Hammered Dulcimer for 15 years.