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Ann Martin, Sound Artist & Gong Devotee, orchestrates a musical meditative event that will quiet the mind and deeply relax the body, while you recline and breathe in the healing ambience of the vibrant pink salt cave. The "Sound Bath in the Cave with Singing Bowls & Gong" is a powerful and transformative experience the features a 30" Earth Gong, Himalayan bowls, quartz crystal Harp, and other instruments. The "Sound Bath in the Cave with Crystal Bowls" offers a harmonically beautiful, gentle, and peaceful experience with the quartz crystal singing bowls. Either concert experience guarantees: You will leave with a higher vibration!

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Covid Info:

These events happen in our Himalayan Salt Cave. We allow up to 12 people and masks are optional inside the cave (but may still be required in public areas outside the salt cave). While there is a special air exchange system, that is designed specifically to remove aerosols from the salt cave, we recommend that participants are fully vaccinated (but will not require proof). Please be aware that you will be sharing the room with up to 12 other people.


IMPORTANT! Please read:
These events are very popular, and because of the special location (our salt cave), have a very limited number of seats available. Therefore our cancellation policy is 48 hours for a full refund and 24 hours for 50%.
Please note that we really do not want to charge for anyone who cannot attend, but will have to refuse seats to others and will not have time to re-book them, if you reserve seats and do not come or cancel on short notice!


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Price: $ 50 / person

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Ann Martin

Ann Martin is an internationally known musician, healer, educator, and soundscape artist who brings a contemporary approach to singing bowls and gongs.  She cultivates dynamic and harmonically beautiful meditative concerts that are deeply relaxing and memorable. She combines 25 years in the healing arts with 40 years as a professional musician to bring a fresh perspective to mindfulness, presence and wellness.  Her meditative concerts offer a new level of insight around working with sound as musical medicine. She is a sought-after recording artist, published author, keynote speaker and international instructor of the BLISSbowls™ series of 5-star online singing bowl training courses, viewed in 86 countries and translated into 32 languages. For more information on classes, concerts, and sessions, visit