Day 1

Each of the planets in a horoscope represent profound archetypal elements of consciousness. On this day we will be opening to experience these archetypes as a living energetic presence in our own human energy field and to meet them as aspects of divine universal consciousness. We will explore our own relationship to these archetypes through energy work, meditation, movement, story-telling, and personal process.

Day 2

On this day we will be entering into the energetic presence of the gods, goddesses, heroes and heroines from the Greek myths. As a group, we will create sacred space and 'constellate' the story -  setting up an energy portal for each of the archetypal characters. We will have time and space to explore the different places in the constellation - exploring our personal experience as we invoke the energy of the archetype to be with us.

This is magical exciting work and can take people to deep places. For example, when we connect with Persephone, she evokes our own childhood memories of vulnerability and innocence. And when we connect with Pluto he takes us to our own experience of disruption and power. 

The day will include energy work and personal process. We will finish with a ceremony to deepen our personal connection with the archetypes


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$ 300 for the 2-day workshop


With Rebekah Hirsch

Rebekah Hirsch is an advanced level graduate of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing USA. Rebekah is also a professional archetypal astrologer, having trained with Liz Greene and Howard Sasportas at the Centre for Psychological Astrology in London. She is also a trainer and facilitator of the transpersonal work known as Voice Dialogue. She lives in London where she runs a private practice as an energy healer and astrologer.

In 2016 Rebekah published her book, 'Charting the Soul: Astrology, Characterology and the Human Energy Field'. This book is a synthesis of archetypal astrology and the Brennan approach. It includes the psychological concept of five key developmental stages in childhood, the spiritual view of five key stages in the creative process of living in the manifest world and links each of the stages to the overlighting presence of the astrological archetypes of the planets.