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"Healing is opening the doors of perception…that which is asked (...) may be a sore toe, a life threatening illness, or a seeking of the Truth…, but that which needs to be given is simply this: It is the answer to the longing of the Soul."
Barbara Brennan


Brennan Healing Science (BHS) is recognized by many as the most advanced of any healing modality that works through the human energy field or aura.

Brennan Healing Science works through the “4 Dimensions of Humankind”, which includes the human energy field, consisting of numerous levels. Each level contains great amounts of information on health, personal issues, histories and energetic blocks. Clearing and restructuring these levels can have tremendous benefits that can be felt in every area of a persons life and well-being. In addition we also work with the dimensions of Intention, Core (your essential nature), as well as the physical body.

Markus Bohunovsky has 7 years of training in this advanced healing technique and will be practicing it inside our wellness center. For those of you interested in taking a deeper journey into your own health and self this will provide great benefit.


  • 50 minutes: $100
  • 80 minutes: $150
  • multi-session packages available at a discount

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