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Massage Therapist

You are passionate about what you do—you are an experienced massage therapist. You love giving to people and you get satisfaction from seeing how what you gave, affected them for the better. You believe that your service starts with the very first contact with your client and ends, when they walk out refreshed, renewed and deeply satisfied. 

In 2013, we had an idea: A wellness center where people can feel an oasis of welcoming calm in the middle of the stresses of daily life. We had just visited our first salt cave in Austria and experienced the beneficial aspects of salt therapy, and we were impressed with what we experienced and the amazing look of a true Himalayan Salt Cave. We decided to bring this form of treatment to Denver in the context of a holistic Wellness Center that includes a number of other high-quality services, such as expert full-body massages.
As we looked at the way many other spas and retail businesses in general were run, and how we felt as customers when we visited these businesses, we also knew we wanted to do things differently, and give our customers a true feeling of being valued as soon as they entered our business.
7 years later, we have served well over 10,000 customers. Customers love our services and their benefits, but even more so, love the feeling of our place, which we know has much to do with how they are treated by everyone they come in contact with at our business.
We have worked with a few massage therapists over the years but have always been slow in hiring many therapists, as we wanted to make sure they fit with our space and philosophy, not just in terms of the services themselves, but also in terms of attitude towards clients and passion for giving something really special. 

You’re the right person if you have:

  • A friendly and welcoming personality
  • 5 years or more experience as a licensed massage therapist
  • A current license to practice massage in the state of Colorado
  • Current insurance to cover you for the services you practice

You are:

  • Trained in a variety of body therapies, including Swedish and deep tissue massage
  • Motivated to help people and inspired to change lives
  • Organized and self-motivated
  • Physically fit
  • Results-driven
  • Available to work at least one weekend day (Sat, Sun) per week
  • Willing to give CBD oil massages when the customer requests them

Tools we provide:

  • Bookeo (Scheduling system similar to Mind Body)
  • Massage Tables
  • Sheets
  • Headrest Covers
  • Sound system and calming music
  • CBD (when customer requests for additional fee; otherwise you will use your own massage oil)


  • We are looking to hire you as a part-time W-2 employee
  • We pay per massage
  • In addition, we pay a basic fee when you are scheduled to be present at our spa and do not have a massage scheduled
  • We are currently primarily looking to fill extra hours Fri-Sun
  • We generally like to schedule our therapists for 4 hour shifts (or 5 hours maximum, if you prefer)
  • Our spa hours are Tue-Sun 10am to 6pm, so your shifts would be within those hours

If this sounds like you, we’d love to talk! Please apply with the following, using the link provided below:

  • A letter introducing yourself and why you think you would like this position
  • Your resume