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Spa Associate

You are passionate about alternative and complementary health—about a world where people feel they are in control of their wellbeing and are supported in becoming their best self. You love giving to people and you get satisfaction from seeing how what you gave affected them for the better. You believe love and care is an action and not just an emotion, and you know that often it takes discipline and effort to give love and care to others. You therefore appreciate an environment that provides a structure that allows you to perform in an optimal way and you love learning to use new tools to improve what you are doing. You have an open, welcoming personality; you thrive when things get challenging; you are physically fit and like to move.

In 2013, we had an idea: A wellness center where people can feel an oasis of welcoming calm in the middle of the stresses of daily life. We had just visited our first salt cave in Austria and experienced the beneficial aspects of salt therapy, and we were impressed with what we experienced and the amazing look of a true Himalayan Salt Cave. We decided to bring this form of treatment to Denver.
As we looked at the way many other spas and retail businesses in general were run, and how we felt as customers when we visited these businesses, we also knew we wanted to do things differently, and give our customers a true feeling of being valued as soon as they entered our business.
7 years later, we have served well over 10,000 customers. Customers love our services and their benefits, but even more so, love the feeling of our place, which we know has much to do with how they are treated by our staff. 5 Star Salt Caves has become an attraction in the Denver area, and we want to build upon that. Currently we are working hard on documenting our processes, so they can be more easily duplicated, and we consider our services more than just “something we do for work” but see them as sacred ceremonies that are designed to result in a feeling of calm and deep satisfaction.

You’re the right person if you have:

  • A friendly and welcoming personality
  • Experience in sales and/or customer service

You are:

  • Motivated to help people and inspired to change lives
  • An expert communicator, on the phone and in person
  • Detail-oriented
  • Organized and self-motivated
  • Physically fit
  • Results-driven
  • Available to work at least one weekend day (Sat, Sun) per week

Some of the tasks you will be performing:

  • Check clients in at the front desk
  • Take reservations over the phone
  • Bring clients into our services (Salt Cave, Foot Bath, Sauna) and explain to them how they work
  • Clean customer’s feet after the foot bath
  • Clean foot-bath tubs after each session
  • Keep everything running on time (this is very critical to the spa operation and can sometimes be stressful, if you are not able to plan ahead and prepare)
  • Sell products to customers and advise them
  • Clean the spa as necessary

Technologies we use:

  • Apple Computers
  • Shopify POS
  • Bookeo (Booking system similar to Mind Body)
  • Microsoft Xcel
  • Grasshopper Phone system
  • Various 3rd Party Web tools (Groupon, ClassPass, Yelp)

If this sounds like you, and you live within 30 minutes driving distance of our location and have your own car, we’d love to talk! Please apply with the following, using the link provided below:

  • A letter introducing yourself and why you think you would like this position
  • Your resume