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Stephanie01Stephanie Pham (CEO) has a BS in Business Administration with a focus on sales and marketing. Her extensive experience spans a variety of industries including retail, beauty, spa and healthcare. She is a trained Breathwork Facilitator and licensed cosmetologist. Her focus on the customer’s needs and her vision for an environment that embodies health, wellness and great care for the customer are the inspiration behind this business.




Markus01Markus Bohunovsky (CFO) has founded and run a successful software & services company with offices on 2 continents (Modula4 Inc). He has experience in sales, marketing, finance and customer relations. He also has a 6-year education in Brennan Healing Science from the Barbara Brennan School of Healing and has worked in the area of alternative healing to varying degrees for over 15 years, leading workshops, facilitating group and individual work and practicing as an energy healer.