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When we first had the idea of creating a wellness center in Denver and long before all the specifics came into focus, we knew that we wanted it to be more than a place that offers a collection of services. We had a longing to bring a certain kind of consciousness and awareness to this project. A way of operating and relating, that we had experienced and developed in the many years of each of our searches for meaning and truth, through the various activities in our lives.

Almost immediately, the term “5 Star Consciousness” came to us, to describe what we wanted to express. We see it as a way of dealing with all affairs in this business, and it is based upon the practice of: Love, Care, Compassion, Clarity, Beauty, Calm and Awareness. It is our hope that these qualities will transpire in all our interactions with our customers as well as in the way the business itself is operated.

Here is how we see this relating to the area of alternative health:

  • Complementary treatments focus not only on the objective and measurable effects of treatments (symptoms, etc.) but also the subjective experience of the customer (sense of well-being, safety, comfort, feeling of aliveness, self-respect, etc.)
  • Therefore, in addition to the treatments themselves, we have a focus on the total environment of the experience. We call it 5-Star Consciousness: Care, quality, clarity, beauty and simplicity in every aspect of the business (customer relations, communications, systems, look & feel of the spa, products, etc.)