All our services are intended to give a sense of relaxation and overall well-being. For a list of the specific benefits of each service, please check the details page of the service:

What To Bring

If you want to have some water with you in the Salt Cave, please bring a water bottle that closes. Only water in closed bottles is allowed. No other drink or food is allowed in the cave (as a spill will potentially melt or ruin the salt on the floor). We do provide high quality drinking water, but do not have bottles available for our guests.
Otherwise, everything you need to enjoy your spa services is provided. We ask people not to bring food, and for most services we ask you to turn your cell phones off.

What To Wear

  • Salt Cave: Regular, comfortable clothes (temperature is around 70°, blankets are provided) You will need to take your shoes off to enter the cave. There is granular salt on the floor. We suggest to wear white or light gray socks, as they show the least signs of salt dust after rthe session and also keep the salt cleanest.
  • Ionic Foot Bath: Regular, comfortable clothes. You will remove your shoes and socks for the foot bath. Your feet are in water up to about your ankles.
  • Infrared Sauna: Our saunas are in private rooms, which include a small changing area and the sauna cabin itself. Only you (or your group) will be in the room together and you will get dressed again, before entering public space. We suggest to dress down to your comfort before entering the cabin. You can simply wear the fresh towels, we provide, or bring a swimming suit, if you prefer.


Gratuity is not included in the cost of your spa treatment but is greatly appreciated by your therapist or spa associate. If you enjoyed your treatment, feel free to leave gratuity based on the value of the treatment received. Gratuity envelopes are provided at the reception desk, or you may add gratuity to your credit card payment if desired.
We believe that a gratuity is a gesture of gratitude for excellent service and is entirely up to our guests.


Please keep our cancellation policy in mind. It applies to both, cancellations and late changes. For most services there is a 50% late cancellation/change fee, starting 48 hours before the start of your service(s); if cancelling less than 24 hours before your service (or in case of a no-show) the full price of the service is due. In rare cases, if we can re-book your service on short notice, we may be able to reduce or waive a portion of these fees.

Kids and Minors

Some services have age requirements or require written parental consent when provided to minors:

  • Salt Cave: For regular, public salt cave sessions, the age limit is 16 years. These sessions require silence and allow no use of personal electronic equipment, so are not appropriate for younger children. However, for private salt cave sessions (limited to your group only), children of any age are welcome.
  • Massages: We require parental consent for any minors. For children under 16, we require the parent to be present in the massage room during the entire treatment.